Architecture Hub - How to create custom product page/layout?

ArcHub provides 3 pre-defined product page styles. But if you don't like them, you can create your own custom product page layout.

To get started, first of all enable Elementor for Product Layouts. Then go to Product Layouts > Add New and create your own layout.

You can find WooCommerce elements from the Liquid - WooCommerce tab in Elementor sidebar. You can also use other elements in Elementor.

These elements will get the product meta dynamically. So if you create one layout, you can assign it to multiple products but still having the content e.g. product name, image, description etc. dynamically for each product.

After creating a product page layout, go to the products you want to have this layout, and assign it.

Or if you want to use this layout for all of your products, you can select it from Theme Options > Woocommerce > Product Single > Woo Single Product Layout.