Ave - Header Builder Basics

To get started with adding headers, from  the sidebar , go to  Headers > Add New. We put some pre-made content for you to start working with. simply click on Backend Editor to get started.

You'll see 3 pre-made rows

Here are difference's between "Secondary Bars" and "Main Bars".

Main Bar

  1. You can only have 1 main bar in a header.
  2. There should be  the main  bar present in a header.
  3. The "Primary Menu" that's inside the main bar will be used as the mobile nav as well.
  4. Only the main bar can be  sticky  if  the sticky  header is enabled from header meta options.

Secondary Bar

  1. You can have multiple secondary bars in a row.
  2. Secondary bars can be present in your header or not.
  3. Secondary bars won't be shown when the header is in  the sticky  state.

You can always change the order of  the main  bar and secondary bars. and you can also change the type of the row to a Secondary bar or  the Main  bar any time from row options