Hub - Custom Icons

To add custom Icons, first of all you’ll need to have the icon font. 

It’s possible to generate your font icon with the tools such as Icomoon or you might have a ready set like Line Awesome

First, upload the css and font files of your icon font and copy the css file path. Now go to Theme Options -> Extras -> Custom Icons to define your custom icons. 

Enter your set name, and then paste your icon font css path in "Icon Css File" field.

Now you need to copy icons list from the css file. Like these:

After that go back to theme options and paste in Icons classnames field. Remember to not include dots and separate each classname with a comma. Lastly set your icon set prefix. E.g. for Font Awesome it’s fa or for Line Awesome we’re using in this article is la. 

And to use your icons in shortcodes, select Liquid Custom Icons from Icon Library option