HUB Elementor - How to Use Setup Wizard

When you activate Hub theme, setup wizard automatically runs and the setup process is pretty straight forward. However, if you don't fancy running the setup wizard for any reason - it can be disabled or you can return to the dashboard by clicking the links which are at the bottom of the page.

The second step of the setup wizard is the activation of the theme where you add your purchase code and the email address, if you don't know how to find your purchase code, refer to this article

The 3rd steps comes into action which is plugin installation, on plugin installation the essential plugins come as pre-selected, there are also some other plugins which will be installed on demand, for instance if an e-commerce demo will be installed then it's required to install WooCommerce plugin.

4th, and the last step of the wizard is importing a demo, select the demo you wish to proceed with and click import demo button.

You can import demo content, media, theme options, it is recommended to check only needed check boxes. Note that your previous content will NOT be overwritten.