HUB - Marquee

Marquee element is pretty much like the carousel element.. You can still put everything inside marquee.

Let's go through the options.


  1. Columns: We provide a responsive cell option. So you'll be able to control cells sizes on any major screen sizes. Just define how many cells you want to be visible in the viewport, As well as spacing between each cell. Please also remember that top values inherits from bottom values. So for example, like in the screenshot below, if you don't provide any value for desktop, it'll inherit from landscape tablet value, which is 3.

  2. Auto Columns Width: If you're using elements with different widths and you want each cell to be as wide as its content width, enable this option. One example can be this

Carousel Options

Let's go through some of the options

  1. Fade Sides Carousel: It'll add a faded out effect to the sides of the carousel
  2. Random Vertical Position: Randomly position cells
  3. Reverse: Normally, the marquee moves from left to right. If you want to reverse it, well, simply check this option.