HUB - Portfolio Element

Portfolio element allows you to display your portfolio items in a stylish way. Besides the default portfolio element, you can see custom elements like Fancy Images, Text and Image Slider etc. 

Portfolio Layouts: 

Each portfolio layout comes with unique hover effects. You can customize the hover and title colors in the design options.

General options:

  • Columns: Choose how many items will appear in a row.   
  • Columns gap: Horizontal spacing
  • Bottom gap: Vertical spacing
  • Total Items: Choose how many items will appear in total.
  • Narrow Data Source: Use specific categories, tags or custom taxonomies to filter the content.
  • Title Typography: Change the text style of the titles.
  • Pagination: Ajax (Autoloading) Pagination (Classic Pagination) 

Filter Options: 

  • Label: Allows you to change "All" label
  • Color Scheme: Choose a dark or light skin for the different backgrounds)
  • Filter Alignment: Center, Left or Right
  • Filter Title: Input a static text which appears next to the filter
  • Show Button: Add a custom button to the filter