HUB - Page Title Bar Options

Control the page title’s content, typography, subtitle, padding, color scheme, alignment, and background.

Custom Heading: This option allows you to assign a different title than the page title to the page.

Enable Titlebar Typography: When switched on, custom options can be assigned.

Titlebar Heading and Subtitle Typography: These options cover the entire typography for the heading and the subtitle involving the font weight & style, text-transform, font-size, line-height, letter-spacing, and font color.

Padding Top: Controls the top padding of the title-bar

Padding Bottom: Controls the bottom padding of the title-bar

Color Scheme: Choose the light or dark color scheme for the title-bar

Alignment: Controls the position of the title-bar with the center, left or right alignment.

Background Options: Assign an image for the background, color, gradient color, position, and attachment

Parallax: When switched on, parallax effect is enabled for the title bar image background.

Enable overlay: Define an overlay color for your title-bar background, adjust the transparency with a solid or gradient color.Enable breadcrumb: Controls the breadcrumb option.

Enable scroll button: When switched on, scroll button appears on the title-bar area.

Anchor ID: If scroll button is enabled as a global option, the button can be linked to specific anchor id that enables smooth scroll through the particular page section.

Extra Classes: Custom class can be applied to the global title-bar option. This option enables further customization.