HUB - Layout Options

Theme Options are the global options those affect all over your website. Any theme option can be overwritten by a particular page or element option. For example, if you set the theme accent color to blue, still you can change any page/element color via page’s or element’s option.

All the major layout related options are collected under the "Layout Options"

Page Color Scheme: Whether you want a dark/light layout, the background and the content color can be switched with a single click.

Content Background: Any solid color or a background image can be assigned as a content background, in terms of the background image; background size, repeat, position options are available. Attachment can also be set as; fixed, scroll or inherit to spice up your website.

Content Background Gradient: Any gradient color can be assigned as a content background with the Ave's smart gradient color picker. Any gradient color can also be saved for further use.

Row Margin & Paddings: These layout options control the default margins/padding for the rows.