HUB - Mobile Navigation

Mobile Navigation

1. Style

Nothing can present things like a photo! So let's see how each style will look like. Just keep in mind, You can change color schemes ( Both top header bar on mobile, and the navigation scheme ) from options.




2. Trigger Alignment

Choose the navigation trigger to be on the right or left side.

3. Header Color Scheme

Define the top bar color scheme.

4. Navigation Alignment

Only available for "Classic" and "Minimal" styles. Define the alignment of the mobile navigation items

5. Navigation Color Scheme

Only available for "Classic" and "Minimal" styles. Define the color scheme of the navigation menu items area. It can be different than "Header Color Scheme". It'll effect only on the navigation area. Here are 3 pre-defined colors. Light, Gray and Dark. But we also added a Custom option that you can define your own colors.