HUB - Header Modules

We added plenty of header modules to Hub, so you can easily add and use them. let's go through each of them.

1. Button

You can simply add any kind of buttons in your header. just like buttons in normal content.

2. Header Cart

If you have Woocommerce enabled, you can add this module so user can check his cart easily from the header.

4. Liquid Header Custom Menu

This can come handy if you need a kind of secondary navigation in you header. with full control over typography, colors etc. You can easily assign a menu you've created from Wordpress's menus or just add your custom menu items right inside the shortcode.

5. Header Dropdown

Simply add any kind of dropdowns. You can define any trigger text. Both trigger and menu items typography can be defined as you want in shortcode options. You also can choose menus from Wordpress's menus or define your custom links right inside the shortcode.

6. Header Iconbox

Iconbox in header can be used as your contact information. Addressed, phone numbers, opening hours etc. Like Iconbox in regular contents you have options to define any kind of icon or titles. With having full control over colors, sizes, typography etc.

7. Logo

Obviously, this is used as your logo in header. You can use logos defined from "Theme Options" or you can define custom logos right inside this shortcode's options. Plus adding custom spacing for logo.

8. Header Language Switcher

If your website is multi-lingual you can easily add this module, so your website's visitor can read your content in their language.

9. Primary Menu

It's used for your website's primary navigation menu. And this is the navigation that will show on mobile devices as well. However, you can assign another mobile menu in the header options. You can also enable "Enable Local Scroll" option if you want your nav to be a one-page nav. 

As you can see, you can define your custom typography, literally any kind of typography! with you custom colors. We also provided some hover styles that you can use from "Hover Style" option.

10. Header Search

If you need a search module in your header, there you go! Just put it in you header, define custom color for the trigger and you're done.

11. Vertical Separator

This can be used if you need a separator between your modules. you can define custom width, background color or side spacing.

12. Social Icons

Add your social links easily with this shortcodes. We added plenty of social network icons so your followers can find you everywhere.

13. Horizontal Spacing

If you have a header with "Side" style, you can use this shortcode to add more space between modules.

14. Text

Add any custom text you need with this shortcode. It can be your contact information or anything else.

15. Trigger Button

This module is used when you have "Hide" option enabled on "Navigation Container" module. So this module is basically the trigger to show menu items.