HUB - Global and Individual Options

The basic concept of an option is to give the users a choice to customize their websites according to their needs. Hub includes 2 option networks; global options and individual options.

1. Global Options: The global options can be found in the Theme Options Panel. They affect all the pages & elements. 

2. Individual Options: These options can be found on the page or element settings.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your global option doesn't affect your website, it means that the individual option overwrites your global option. Let's see an example: 

Let's say that you want to change the primary color of your website. In this case, you can go to Liquid > Theme Options > Colors and change the primary color. 

2. If you still don't see enough changes, it means that the elements have individual colors. Please open the related element settings (button, heading, menu, etc.) and go to Design Options. The color in the element settings basically overwrites the global option and allows you to choose another color. If you want to use the primary color, you can simply clear the color option in the element options.

If you select a color in the element settings, it simply overwrites the global primary color. The buttons are just an example. You can see the same approach in every element. This allows you to create unique websites with maximum flexibility.