Ave - Blog Post Options

Each blog post has its own unique post options. These options are not affected by global post options which are defined by Theme Options. Any change in the singular blog options affects only the related page. So, you can edit or customize each post independently. Please go to Liquid > Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Post, if you want to make a global change to the blog posts. 


Extra Text: Text will display near meta section

Cover Image: Will override the featured image in single post

Width: Defines the width of the item on the blog page.

Social Sharing Box: Turn on to display the social sharing box on single posts.

Author Info Box: Turn on to display the author info box below posts.

Previous/Next Pagination: Turn on to display the previous/next post pagination for single posts.

Related Projects: Turn on to display related posts/projects on single posts.

Related posts section style: Select desired style for the related posts section to display on single post

Related posts section title:

Number of Related Projects: Controls the number of posts that display under related posts section.

Width: Select desired width for the blog item on portfolio listing page, only for carousel and carousel filterable styles

Label Before Title: Will apply only for Featured Fullwidth style in Blog Listing Shortcode

Make this post featured or instagram?: Will apply only for Metro style in Blog Listing Shortcode