Ave - Page Blocks

Ave includes a unique page system called Page Blocks. You can create one or multi-page websites with this feature. 

Let's see a few examples that use Page Blocks.

http://multiconcept.liquid-themes.com/ - This demo is available in the demo importer.

http://wave.liquid-themes.com/This demo is available in the demo importer.

Open your page and go to Page Options and enable "Page Blocks" option: 

Each row represents a single page in this system. If you have 5 rows, it means that the side menu will include 5 menu items.

Feel free to use as many rows/blocks as you need. 

Light/Dark Skins:

The system decides the skin color (for the logo, header, and menu) automatically based on the row background luminance. However, you can overwrite this by changing the row background color. For instance, if you select a white background; the header and menu colors will be dark. If you select a dark background color, the header and menu colors will be light.

You can customize the page transition effects, navigations and much more. You can also combine the blocks menu with any header you like. 

How to change section name?

Open Row Settings and change section tooltip.

Please make sure to update the page to see the changes. "Preview" option doesn't work for these options.